ubuntu Magazine operates on the sovereign land and waters of the Wurundjeri and the Boon Wurrung peoples of the Kulin Nation. We acknowledge that this land was never ceded and that both colonisation and active resistance against empire is ongoing. We pay our respects to Ancestors and Elders. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

"Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu."
(translation: a person is a person through other people)

Founded in 2023, Ubuntu is an online, interactive magazine that embraces multimedia; where an audio-series can sit right in-between a playscript and an interactive illustration. With a focus on art, culture and history, Ubuntu platforms the work of young, emerging and mid-career creatives throughout Melbourne, Australia. Engaging and collaborating with varied practices and disciplines, the magazine curates artist features and interviews, alongside newly commissioned audio, visual and written works.

Ubuntu is a word with many variations throughout the Bantu language groups of Africa. It is a philosophy of centering community care, and understanding you’re a part of a past, present and future collective. You carry both your ancestors and descendants with you, and the amount of humanity you have as a person, is dependent on how much humanity you give to others.

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A commission回归初心, an animation
by Suzie Wang

The ‘回归初心‘ project has two parts: the first is a short animation video featuring the phrase ‘回归初心‘ which means to return or regress to one’s original intention or desire. The concept is that as adults our creativity can only evolve so far before we need to return to the joyous, colourful, uninhibited wants of our child selves. The video changes from black and white, more inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy artworks, to vibrant colours and childhood motifs. The second part is an extension of the animation where the user can create their own image using the illustrations from the animation. The hope is that they can create an image expressing their childlike wonder, a simple collage free of perfection and self critique.

Have a play here.

Suzie/俊俏 is an artist based in North Fitzroy, who primarily makes illustrative art inspired by feelings of child-like wonder and their Chinese heritage. Playing with different mediums is an integral part of their art practice. The freedom of being a novice and the sensory experience is joyous and fuels their expression. They make pieces that incorporate more traditional Chinese art forms and styles, as well as their diasporic, queer point of view. Suzie has also been a part of organising events prioritising queer/trans BIPOC people and highlighting local DJs and performers.

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